◻︎ Early vocational assessment and intervention to support work retention, in line with the evidence base;

◻︎ Liaison with employers, treating teams and occupational health to support return to work;

◻︎ Graded return to work programmes and support throughout the return to work process.



◻︎ Assessment of work abilities, and support to identify new work roles;

◻︎ Interview preparation skills;

◻︎ Bespoke work-hardening programmes including the management of limitations such as fatigue and cognitive difficulties;

◻︎ Establish structure/routine as a prerequisite for work –readiness.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Yash is trained in the Matheson system of FCE and is experienced at using this assessment with clients who have physical and/or neurological diagnoses. FCE is:

◻︎ A systematic method of evaluating ability to perform purposeful, meaningful tasks;

◻︎ A customised evaluation which combines objective measurement and clinical judgement;

◻︎ A structured tool used to determine a person’s tolerances for physical and cognitive tasks;

◻︎ A tool in which consideration is given to reliability of effort and reliability of pain/disability reporting.



◻︎ Assessment of functional capacities for student roles;

◻︎ Exploring and advising on suitable adult learning opportunities;

◻︎ Liaison with schools and tertiary education providers to support retention of student role;

◻︎ Rehabilitation programmes and adjustments to manage limitations such as fatigue, cognitive and physical difficulties.

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