Susan qualified as an occupational therapist in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) from the University of the Witwatersand, Johannesburg.

Susan has worked in the NHS and private sector for over 15 years in acute hospitals, home and community settings. Susan has always worked in the field of neurology, gaining experience of working with clients with acute, chronic and deteriorative neurological presentations, including brain injury and stroke.

Previous employers and places of work have included:

  • Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust
  • The Royal London Hospital
  • Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust
  • Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Jacqueline Webb and Co Ltd
  • Harrison's Training

Susan has knowledge of equipment that can enhance care and function, and can assess for and prescribe wheelchairs.  She is able to address the physical effects of neurological presentations, advise on postural management and execute upper limb rehabilitation programmes. Susan has experience in addressing cognitive difficulties and challenging behaviour and works with clients and carers to implement appropriate strategies. Supporting clients in their transition to live in the community, and helping to set up independent living trials, are areas that Susan has skills and experience in. Susan enjoys working to establish opportunity for her clients to engage as much as possible in their home and community environments for the longer term.

Susan has worked on the FRESH research trial. This trial was a randomised control feasibility study run by Nottingham University.  Susan provided early vocational rehabilitation to the intervention arm of this study, for research participants with acute brain injury. She has skills in supporting clients to: remain in work, identify new work roles and to remain in or further their education following a neurological event.

Susan has volunteered and worked as group facilitator for Headway West London, before taking up her current post as a Trustee for Headway South West London, overseeing their member facing services.  Susan has been closely involved with the College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section Neurological Practice, firstly in the role as Regional Representative for the London region and continuing in her current role on the National Executive Committee. The Specialist Section Neurological Practice aims to enhance practice and skill in the field of neurological occupational therapy.

In her spare time Susan enjoys working on her allotment, exploring London and the surrounds and spending time with her friends.





Yash qualified as an occupational therapist in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) from Curtin University, Western Australia.

Yash has over 15 years experience across the Australian and British healthcare systems, working predominantly with clients with stroke, brain injury and other neurological conditions.

For the past 3 years Yash has worked in the independent sector, specialising in neuro-rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation.

Previous employers and places of work have included: 

  • Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust 
  • Barts and the London NHS Trust 
  • Harrison Training 
  • Community Therapy Network 

Yash is experienced at managing upper limb impairments after neurological injury. She is able to apply a variety of evidence-based techniques including constraint induced movement therapy to optimise upper limb function. Yash has knowledge of a range of interventions to support cognitive rehabilitation including the development of self-awareness, use of appropriate strategies, behavioural management, and delivery of bespoke education to support clients and families. Yash is able to support the transition from inpatient to community settings including training of support staff, equipment provision and development of home activity programmes. She enjoys supporting clients to identify and reach meaningful goals.

Yash has previously developed a neurology- specific vocational rehabilitation service within the NHS, and has worked independently in vocational rehabilitation across physical and neurological conditions. She is skilled at conducting functional capacity evaluations to support clients to return to work, or to explore new vocational goals. Yash is able to create bespoke return-to-work programs that incorporate core rehabilitation goals, and can support clients to manage the interface between employers, occupational health and medical teams. Other areas of support include managing reasonable adjustments, accessing education and building work skills through purposeful activity.

Yash has been involved in the FRESH research trial with the University of Nottingham for 4 years. FRESH was a randomised controlled, feasibility study into the provision of early intensive vocational rehabilitation for people with brain injury. Yash was on the clinical panel for this study, part of the training development group and mentored the intervention therapists in their delivery of vocational rehabilitation.

Yash has previously been a member of the College of Occupational Therapy Specialist Section (Neurological Practice) London Committee and is an accomplished presenter and trainer.

In her spare time Yash enjoys cooking, being active with her family, and travelling in the UK and abroad.